ACC 422 Week four WileyPLUS Job

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ACC 422 Week 4 WileyPLUS Assignment

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ACC 422 Week 4 WileyPLUS Assignment

Work out 11-4

Wenner Furnace Corp. purchased machinery for $650, 070 on May 1, 2012. It is estimated that it provides a useful lifestyle of 10 years, salvage value of $34, 950, creation of 559, 200 models, and functioning hours of 25, 1000. During 2013, Wenner Corp. uses the machinery for 2, 600 hours, and the machinery produces 59, 415 units. In the information given, compute the depreciation fee for 2013 under all the following methods. (Round answers to zero decimal areas, e. g. $45, 892. ) �

Problem 11-6

Conan O'Brien Logging and Lumber Company owns several, 200 quadrat of timberland on the north side of Mount Leno, which was purchased in 2k at an expense of $640 per acre. In 2012, O'Brien began selectively logging this kind of timber system. In May of 2012, Support Leno erupted, burying the timberland of O'Brien within foot of ash. Each of the timber on the O'Brien system was downed. In addition , the logging tracks, built at a cost of $159, 1000, were demolished, as well as the visiting equipment, which has a net book value of $323, 200. At the time of the eruption, O'Brien had logged 20% of the estimated 550, 000 plank feet of timber. Prior to the eruption, O'Brien estimated the land to experience a value of $260 every acre following your timber was harvested. O'Brien includes the logging roads in the destruction base. O'Brien estimates it should take 3 years to salvage the downed wood at a cost of $707, 400. The timber fetch the amount of pulp wooden at an approximated price of $3 per board foot. The value of the land is usually unknown, yet must be regarded nominal as a result of future uncertainties. (a) Identify the depletion cost every board feet for the timber farmed prior to the eruption of Attach Leno. (Round per device answer to 2 decimal areas, e. g. 0. 45. ) (b) Prepare the journal admittance to...



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