Compare and contrast Japan

 Compare and contrast The japanese and Western feudal devices Essay

ERICВ ANDВ GEORGEВ TheВ governingВ systemsВ thatВ bothВ JapanВ andВ EuropeВ usedВ wereВ similarВ inВ structure, В ethics, В andВ militaryВ influencesВ BothВ civilizationsВ hadВ aВ systemВ ofВ ruleВ referredВ toВ asВ feudalism. В TheyВ hadВ aВ topВ rulerВ whoВ hadВ absoluteВ powerВ andВ gaveВ outВ hisВ landВ toВ respectedВ lordsВ thatВ hadВ theirВ ownВ kingdoms. В TheseВ lordsВ wereВ protectedВ byВ anВ eliteВ warriorВ classВ thatВ offeredВ theirВ militaryВ serviceВ inВ exchangeВ forВ socialВ respectВ andВ payВ fromВ theВ lords. В TheseВ upperВ classesВ hadВ aВ largeВ classВ ofВ commonersВ toВ ruleВ over. В TheyВ alsoВ bothВ hadВ similarВ ethicsВ inВ theВ warriorВ classВ likeВ theВ CodeВ ofВ ConductВ forВ theВ KnightsВ andВ theВ BushidoВ forВ theВ Samurai. В TheseВ " codes” wereВ rulesВ andВ guidelinesВ thatВ theВ warriorsВ livedВ byВ thatВ governedВ themВ socially, В politically, В andВ ethically. В FinallyВ bothВ systemsВ hadВ aВ strongВ militaryВ influenceВ thanksВ toВ aВ strongВ warriorВ classВ thatВ ledВ toВ manyВ warringВ kingdomsВ withinВ theВ civilizations. В AlsoВ thisВ createdВ aВ strongВ defenseВ systemВ asВ constantВ attacksВ byВ enemyВ kingdomsВ threatenedВ theВ lordsВ rule. В TheyВ bothВ builtВ castlesВ withВ curvedВ wallsВ toВ makeВ attacksВ harder. В В TheseВ twoВ feudalisticВ civilizationsВ hadВ differencesВ inВ structureВ andВ ethics. В TheВ majorityВ ofВ differenceВ betweenВ theВ twoВ liesВ inВ theВ warriorВ class. В AlthoughВ theyВ sharedВ similarВ overallВ rolesВ inВ theirВ respectiveВ systemsВ theyВ hadВ manyВ differences. В OneВ ofВ whichВ beingВ thereВ armourНѕВ knightsВ hadВ heavyВ metalВ armourВ thatВ wasВ sturdyВ butВ veryВ hardВ toВ haulВ around.…...



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