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In our business every decision taken will be reflected in final results. For this reason ,, as every area in a restaurant is related, we must pay special attention on implementing a structure in line with the organization's features to make sure it can be profitable.

Managing a restaurant needs a set of techniques to enhance resources in order to obtain a fiscal benefit although satisfying our customers' requires. We have to develop this management procedures through different levels: 1 . Preparing: What are we going to do?

2 . Organization: How are we doing it?

three or more. Integration: Who is going to do this?

4. Direction: What is made?

5. Control: What has become done?

With this subject, we intend to focus in the stage of " Control”, in which all of us measure every process inside the restaurant, therefore we can identify where blunders are started, establish targets and desired goals and make sure they can be accomplished.

Control is the last stage of the administrative framework and it is ways to compare effects with organizing, so we can find the way to improve all of them. This process is important to know the true status with the restaurant, normally we can not be aware of specifics that could be concealed the every day operation. To start this fundamental process we have to establish criteria, evaluate results, correct and feedback forever.

Cost control is based on 3 principal components:

* Uncooked material

* Immediate manpower

5. Manufacturing cost to do business (gas, electricity, indirect personnel, etc . )

Regularly, the most frequent causes pertaining to increased costs are:

5. Storage:

Deficient receiving procedure

Poor food rotation


Bad control on exits

* Home:

Bad squander control

Recipe monitoring

Illegal food consumption

Food orders improper use

* Services:

Promotion of high-cost products

Food orders decontrol

Uncollected products

Free gifts

All of us seek for cut costs, less time to get processes and reducing...



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