organizational theory 1

 organizational theory 1 Essay


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Lecturer: Asst. Prof. Doctor Bekir Emre KURTULMUŞ

Organizational Theory



The goal of this study is to evaluate the economy and Gross Countrywide Product (GNP) income of Turkey by using statistical info. This analyze examines the constituents of GNP an calculations of a few years GNP income of Turkey. Keywords: economy, Chicken, GNP

Stand of Content material



1 . Components of Gross Countrywide Product6

Stand 1 . Intake of Chicken by Years6

Table 2 . Investment of Turkey simply by Years6

Desk 3. Government Expenditure of Turkey simply by Years7

Table 3. Govt Expenditure of Turkey by simply Years7

2 . 5 Years GNP Profits of Turkey8

Table your five. Gross Nationwide Product of Turkey by Years8




Making a decision was an important factor for individuals in different situations. Individuals have to make choice among the alternatives for the actions that they can want to take. Decision making process starts with the event of in least two alternatives. The task continues and it ends program the choice of one alternative. This method is the simple way of the definition of decision making. Every activities and behaviors of individuals is a result of your decision that they consider consciously or perhaps unconsciously. However, decisions which may have to be taken are certainly not always that simple. In some cases, decisions can be unclear and high-risk. In this case, decision maker decides the one from the alternatives through the use of some tactics. Besides the personal decisions of people, there is decisions taken as company. Decision making intended for organizations begins before the incident of businesses and this continues with all the existence plus the management in the organizations. As well as the management of the organizations depends on decisions. The functions of management is definitely planning, organizing, directing, coordination and managing. The decision making process affects these kinds of functions upon indirectly. This shows itself in every areas of the managing process of the organizations. Manager has to make a decision and be implemented this decision for reaching the aims in each and every actions. Out of this perspective, the choice making process has a great importance to reach the purpose of actions considered. This examine has make an effort to explain the rational making decisions by detailing the concept of decision making. This analyze is formed of three parts. In the 1st part, the examination is introduced by explaining the concept of decision making. In the second component, the steps of decision making procedure is reviewed and choosing the best alternative is explained. In the third portion, rational making decisions is described for assumptive frame of study. 1 ) Concept of Decision Making

Decision is defined as " choice". The choice produced about any subject by manager or any type of individuals is definitely decision. The concept of decision is identified as an action selected consciously among the list of existing alternatives for arriving at a bottom line. We can make three inferences from this classification. First; a conclusion requires a choice action. If the choice may not be done, it indicates that it is unfamiliar how to use the Sources. There isn't any decision with out choice or perhaps alternatives. Second; a decision comes with consciously mental processes. A few factors just like affective and subconscious impact the decision. Nonetheless it is important the mental way of decision. Third; every single decision is supposed for a great aim. There is no decision without the aims. Decisions are developed by solving problems. It has to be selected the best tool in this way which includes aim to become compared pertaining to determining the very best tool that is certainly proper pertaining to the aim. It is required to arrive to a conclusion or a " decision" simply by comparing the standards and the effects. It is comprehended that decision...




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