Pride and Prejudice Article

 Pride and Prejudice Essay

TheВ RegencyВ PeriodВ inВ EnglandВ wasВ anВ extravagantВ eraВ oftenВ associatedВ withВ prominentВ social, В political, В economic, В andВ artisticВ advancements. В ItВ tookВ placeВ inВ theВ earlyВ 1800'sВ andВ wasВ aВ timeВ ofВ muchВ eleganceВ andВ aristocracy. В MoviesВ andВ booksВ ofВ thisВ timeВ periodВ allВ seemВ toВ highlightВ theВ eleganceВ andВ romanceВ thatВ wasВ prevalentВ atВ theВ time. В FamousВ RegencyВ eraВ literaryВ works, В suchВ asВ PrideВ andВ Prejudice, В portrayВ youngВ EnglishВ womenВ gettingВ theirВ happilyВ­everВ­afterВ endings. В Unfortunately, В suchВ endingsВ didВ notВ actuallyВ happenВ toВ realВ womenВ ofВ theВ eraВ becauseВ theyВ livedВ veryВ austereВ andВ vapidВ lives. В TheyВ hardlyВ hadВ aВ choiceВ inВ manyВ ofВ theirВ life'sВ decisionsВ andВ hadВ littleВ toВ noВ careerВ options. В TheseВ womenВ wereВ raisedВ fromВ birthВ toВ beВ ladyВ­like, В obedient, В agreeable, В andВ knowledgeableВ inВ onlyВ findingВ aВ respectableВ manВ toВ marry, В asВ theyВ wereВ fullyВ dependantВ onВ men. В TheyВ wereВ essentiallyВ treatedВ asВ propertyВ passedВ onВ fromВ theirВ fathersВ toВ theirВ husbands. В BecauseВ theВ expectationsВ placedВ onВ womenВ wereВ soВ rigidВ andВ absurd, В someВ feministВ authorsВ fromВ theВ timeВ ridiculedВ theseВ socialВ standardsВ inВ theirВ writing. В FamousВ novelistВ JaneВ AustenВ wasВ knownВ forВ satirizingВ manyВ socialВ customsВ ofВ theВ RegencyВ PeriodВ inВ herВ romanticВ fictionВ novels, В withВ aВ specialВ emphasisВ onВ women'sВ rights.…...



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