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When Castro had exposed the port of Mariel Harbor, several thousand Cubans got fled to the US. Among them was a young tough young man named Antonio Montana (Al Pacino), whom along with his friend Manny Ray started the cocaine transact and creates a strong medicine empire in Miami. One of the primary themes within just 'Scarface' is to get as rich as possible, which will reinforces capitalism. The lifestyle that we live is constantly making ideologies at us through each of our norms and values, videos such as 'Scarface' reinforce this kind of. 'Scarface' is teaching us that capitalism is a usual within our world and that we need to all abide by it. Tony Montana is a Cuban exile who arrives in Miami searching for fortune in the usa. He great friend Manny (Steven Bauer) have tiny interest in cleaning dishes within a fastfood truck, so bounce at the opportunity to perform a drug handover for New mexico mobster Honest Lopez (Robert Loggia). Pretty soon they're in Frank's salaries, and Tony adamowicz has noticed the opportunity to help to make a lot more funds than Outspoken is willing to risk, by simply trafficking medications from Bolivia under the a nous of the local drug lords. Al Pacino as Tony Montana, Steven Bauer since Manny Ray, Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira Hancock, Jane Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Gina Montana, Robert Loggia because Frank Lopez, F. Murray Abraham since Omar Suárez, Harris Yulin as Mel Bernstein, Paul Shenar since Alejandro Sosa, Ángel. Scarface, upon its first launch, drew controversy regarding the physical violence and graphic language in the film, and received many negative testimonials from film critics. A lot of stated that editing was a problem in the video



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