Status of girls in Pakistan/ Women Empowerment in Pakistan

 Status of girls in Pakistan Women Empowerment in Pakistan Essay

Status of Women in Pakistan/

Women Empowerment in Pakistan

1 ) Introduction

a. Tarnished image of Muslim and Pakistani Women

b. Status of Women in Human Culture: A Historic Perspective installment payments on your Problem Areas for females in Pakistan

a. Utilization of Islam to deny Females Rights

b. Gender Splendour

c. Marriage and Relationship Life

m. Sati, Vani and Karokari

e. Domestic Violence

farrenheit. Poor Literacy

g. Work Opportunities and Job Environment and Veil

h. Gift of money

i. Wish of Man Child

t. Child and compelled Labor

k. Health Issues

several. Steps Taken by the Government

a. Legislation to empower ladies

b. Task Quotas

c. Representation in Politics

g. Gender Mainstreaming

4. Impacts of the measures taken by the Government

5. Function of NGO Sector

six. Role of Print and Electronic Press

7. Suggestions

a. Figuring out the Problem: 55 of Individual Rights, certainly not of Women legal rights only b. Universal Females Education

c. Removing Sociable Barriers to Gender Equal rights

d. Must make sure Women Privileges that are guaranteed by Constitution e. Rendering of Women Rights given by Islam

f. Thanks Importance to Mother-Child Overall health

almost eight. Conclusion

The Status of Woman in Islam

from " Islam in focus" Simply by Hammuda Abdul-Ati, PH. D.


The status of woman in Islam comprises no problem. The attitude in the Qur'an plus the early Muslims bear experience to the fact that woman is, at least, as essential to life as man him self, and that she is not second-rate to him nor is your woman one of the decrease species. Experienced it not been for the effect of overseas cultures and alien affects, this problem would have never arisen among the list of Muslims. The status of woman was taken for granted to be equal to those of man. It had been a matter naturally , a matter of fact, with out one, then simply, considered it as a problem at all. To be able to understand what Islam has established pertaining to woman, it is not necessary to deplore her predicament in the pre-Islamic era or in the modern world more recently. Islam features given woman rights and privileges which she has by no means enjoyed underneath other religious or constitutional systems. This can be understood if the matter is definitely studied as a whole in a comparison manner, instead of partially. The rights and responsibilities of a lady are equal to those of a man but they are definitely not identical with them. Equal rights and sameness are two quite different points. This big difference is understandable because guy and girl are not similar but they are produced equals. With this variation in mind, There is not any problem. It truly is almost impossible to look for even two identical most people. This distinction between equal rights and sameness is of very important importance. Equal rights is attractive, just, fair; but sameness is certainly not. People are certainly not created identical but they are made equals. With this difference in mind, there is no room to assume that girl is poor to guy. There is no floor to assume that she is fewer important than he because her privileges are not identically the same as his. Had her status recently been identical together with his, she would have been completely simply a copy of him, which she actually is not. The simple fact that Islam gives her equal legal rights - however, not identical - shows that it requires her in to due concern, acknowledges her, and identifies her independent personality. It is far from the sculpt of Islam that brands woman because the product with the devil or maybe the seed of evil. Nor does the Qur'an place gentleman as the dominant god of female who has no other choice than to give up to his dominance. Neither was it Islam that introduced the question of whether or not female has virtually any soul in her. Under no circumstances in the history of Islam features any Muslim doubted a persons status of woman or her possession of soul and also other fine psychic qualities. Contrary to other well-liked beliefs, Islam does not blame Eve by itself for the First Bad thing. The Qur'an makes it very clear that the two Adam and Eve were tempted; that they can both sinned; that The lord's pardon was granted to both following their repentir; and that Our god addressed these people jointly....



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