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Name: Kimberly Ann M. Magtibay Grms. & Section: VII- Copernicus Teacher: Mrs. Ma. Teresita Abcede Time: November 8, 2012 ACTIVITY 12



At the end in the activity, you have to be able to observe how water flows through distinct soil materials and find out which in turn soil or rock components are aquifers or aquitards. MATERIALS

2. 3 cyl (like a 500 milliliters graduated cylinder, but with out graduation) 5. Sand

5. Clay

2. Gravel or perhaps pebbles

* 3 20 mL coloured liquid

* timer


Time interest: 40 a few minutes

1 . Label the cylinders as A, N and C.

installment payments on your Assign people of the group as the timer and observer whilst somebody performs the activity. three or more. Put fine sand in cyndrical tube A, gravel/ pebbles in cylinder N, and clay in canister C. 4. When the termes conseilles is prepared, pour the first glass of shaded liquid in to cylinder A. Start timing as soon as the water is put into the canister. 5. Observe how the the liquid flows throughout the sand.

6. End timing as soon as the liquid extends to the bottom from the cylinder. The liquid will not be equally allocated in the fine sand. As soon as one part of the bottom level gets damp, stop the timer. six. If the liquid has not come to the bottom in 15 minutes, prevent timing.


Compare crushed stone, pebbles, and clay. Pull what you notice and publish these findings on the graph below.

Sand- Pebbles- Clay-

Cylinder (Soil)| Observations

A (sand)|

B (pebbles)|

C (clay)|


1 ) How quickly (or slow) did the liquid reach the bottom in the cylinder? Soil| Time (seconds)




2 . Which in turn of the supplies used type aquifers? Which in turn form aquitards?


1 . Precisely what are the ramifications of having aquitards in the drinking water cycle?

installment payments on your What kinds of rock and roll form aquitards? Give...



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