The Shawshank Redemption

 Essay around the Shawshank Payoff

Frank Darabont's mysterious film " The Shawshank Redemption” is a deep meaningful portrayal of a friendly relationship within a jail. It reveals us just how hope may be encountered in a dark and deceitful place, how the two literal and figurative surfaces trap Andy. To the end, Darabont uses symbolism in the description of setting, in his use of camera angles and Lighting.

The setting of " The Shawshank Redemption” is full with strong symbolism. The shawshank jail is a dark, deceitful host to confinement where citizens spend their times letting their brains wonder over the little points in their life span. Its walls stained off white and dark; its pubs are rustic and cool; rooms wet, clay lines the walls within a minimalistic design. The meaning serves a lot of purposes. Firstly, it converts the establishing into a darker hole of nothingness — everything looks drab and dull. Second, it betrays the fact that a reduction of hope has taken place within the wall surfaces of the prison: the heavy grey walls are shutting in on the minds of the criminals changing their hope of ever getting back to their regular lives outside. Thirdly, the damp and decrypted substance of the place accentuates a feeling of perishable knowledge in the minds of the prisoners. Andy - the films main character - is a company wrongly falsely accused of killing, he is put into a cellular dark, wet and without life. This symbolises the life behind bars and how this imposes about ones existence. Symbolism can be obvious inside the clothing everybody wears within the prison, all the same bland and unimaginative without room intended for individuality. Color is portrayed in spots throughout the film when they as prisoners work outside inside the lush shades of green of the fields, inside the jail they are aiming to conjure the minds in the prisoners and take aways their style to convert it in labour. To complete the scene in the dehumanisation, prisoners have no say in what they certainly or when allowed to take action such as the occasions they are allowed to relieve themselves on the bathroom. These...



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