Design of Two Speed Gear Box

 Essay upon Design of Two Speed Products Box


By the end with the Second World War, the federal government of India was confronted by a big issue of disposing the huge war waste. Ultimately, a comate conflict constituted to inquire in to the possibilities. The comate record of 1948 proposed the establishment of Govt. possessed machine application industry. It was expected to fulfill two elements. The first was being using the Rs 4000 , 000, 000 worth of metallic waste. The second was the incorporation of your state possessed infrastructure manufacturing facility. The result was your birth of the HINDUSTAN MACHINE TOOL LIMITED, diversified sooner or later of time to the current structure of the multi primary, multi-location, multi-unit, multi-product, professional giant HMT Ltd.

The HMT Ltd was started as a single factory to produce Tool Room lathe at Bangalore in cooperation around 4 hundred machines each year. Since distinct collaboration R& D and tremendous marketing effort brought HMT, to provide status.

The growth of HMT Ltd was seen as the frontward and again ward the use of technology and merchandise diversification. Hence the company that started with manufacturing and selling lathe expanded it is machine tools product range to evolve since the ultimate solution in steel cutting. The merchandise diversification initiatives look the organization to the business of wrist watches in 1962, Tractors four decades ago, Die throwing in plastic-type machines four decades ago, printing machinery in 1972, press in 1972, press in 1972, tamps and tamps making equipment in 1976 food processing machinery in 1980. COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL system in year 1986, Ball screws in 1986 and reconditioning in 1990

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The STALLION 200 turning center is designed to perform a variety to coordinating operations such as straight and taper turning, drilling, boring and countering with thready and spherical inter-potation. External and internal threading (parallel or taper) etc . the equipment is suitable for chuck and tavern types of work pieces. A great optional talestock can be made use of for shaft type of operate or for supporting pieces with heavy external fine tuning and following internal maching, with the talestock can be moved automatically away through set The basic composition of the equipment is ac computer enhanced bed pertaining to maximum solidity and steadiness. The bed properties the nick tray or perhaps conveyor, coolant tank and main electric motor in addition to accommodating headstock, talestock and saddle Your bed guide ways for saddle and the saddle guide techniques for mix slide moments are inductions hardened and ground. Anti frication liners (Turcite) are fixed to the saddle information ways matching with the foundation, as well as the mix slide guide ways mating with the saddle. The headstock is a simple durable structure taking the CATRIDGE congaing the spindle, the bearing program. At the rare end of spindle, the poly versus pulley pertaining to the main drive and the liberated back pulley for encoder are directly mounted. The main spindle is driven by the variable velocity AC motor through the poly v belt. The speed array of spindle is usually from 1500 to 6000 rpm

The feed pushes for the saddle (Z AXIS) plus the feed drive for the cross slide (X AXIS) are by AC Servomotors. The ball screw nut and bearing are preloaded to eliminate backlash and to boost stiffness. The typical rapid slanted rates intended for both Z . and Back button axes will be 20/15-m/min correspondingly. The standard turret has 8- tooling areas with wedge lock system. An almost 8 STATIONS VD 13425, 40mm diameter shank system provided optionally. The turret clamping and kinesis in the two versions happen to be through hydraulic power. Tail stock with MT-3 taper and live center is usually provided to improve the capability of the machine with out affecting any of the standard features. The butt stock unit is adjustable for the bed several work part lengths and is moved in program The lubrication and also the spindle bearing is by grease and is for lifetime. The information ways for both Z and Times axes a long with the ball screw nut...



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