Urbanization in South America

 Urbanization in South America Article

Urbanization in Latin America

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We. Introduction3

II. Urbanization Process4

III. Inner Migration and Urbanization8

4. Urban Systems10

V. Conclusion13

VI. Bibliography14

I. Intro

Urbanization may very well be one of the identifying phenomena of the 21st Century to get Latin America as well as the rest of the developing world. The world as a whole became more urban than rural sometime in 2007, a demographic alter that was driven by simply rapid urbanization in the expanding countries. Intended for the Latina American region, this market tipping level took place inside the early 60s. According to United Nations estimations, the number of persons living in cities globally increases by more than one billion dollars between 3 years ago and 2025. In South American the urban inhabitants increase more than this time period in a much smaller way – 127 mil – although this nonetheless represents a 28 percent increase in the region's city population in under 20 years.

II. The Urbanization Procedure

During the last 60 years the urbanization in Latin America has been extremely remarkable. In 1950 lower than 41% of its human population lived in cities. Nowadays this value extends to almost 73%. The velocity of urbanization was higher in Latin American than in other places like European countries or even North America. As Lattes, Rodriguez and Villa, in 2002, include pointed out:

" It would have taken 75 years (from 1925 to 2000) for the degree of urbanization in Northern America to rise from 53. eight to 77. 2 percent while Latina America protected the same floor in only half the time”.

Although there were already initially of the twentieth century significant cities in Latin America, it revealed at the same time few countries with high degrees of urbanization. These types of ones did start to increase between 1930 and 1970 approaching along with a growth of a group of cities which focused significant amounts of the countries population. This kind of phenomenon was intrinsically relevant to the industrialization process plus the introduction of capitalist ways of creation in non-urban areas but this does not come as important for the topic going on. Currently, Latin America stands out simply by its drastically high urbanization level. This is slightly higher that the one particular from The european union and near the one by North America. In Asia and Africa the scenario is completely different. In spite of the rapid speed of urbanization on these kinds of places the folks living in urban areas in percentage of its total populace is still more or less half of the percentage recorded in Latin America as we can see in Desk 1 . The urbanization procedure in the region started out very early on in history. Before the Spanish colonization, the indigenous groups and cultures had been organized in large metropolitan areas which were key point for the localization of the Spanish colonies. However the The spanish language people likewise created fresh cities in which they used to control and organize all the territory. Most of them were located near the cost which preferred commercial exchange but thers were located where there was an abundance of local labor force. The cities which exist nowadays in Latin America were seen in this period (XVI century). Throughout the 19th and 20th generations, the debt consolidation of cities and the reorganization of their system were influenced, first of all, by techniques of independence and national organization, sometime later it was by the reality Latin America economies started to be the primary makers in the world industry. The growth of the cities was intrinsically linked to administrative decisions as well as commercial functions. However the most important issue is that afterwards, large scale foreign migration was extremely important to get the development of the towns system and then for the estate process...

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